Sunday, June 8, 2008

Symbols of Mice and Men

Mice of Men Symbols

The Farm
The Farm that George and Lennie frequently dreamed about buying was equal to heaven. For them with this farm they would have the stability that they both longed for, a place to live, crops to eat and possibly sell, and rabbits for Lennie to tend to and pet.

In Mice of Men the brotherhood that the men shared always seemed to be tested when Curley’s wife was around. Curley’s wife was pretty, thin, sweet, and gentle, which all the guys didn’t seem to mind. But the way that she comes off in both the movie and book she is portrayed as promiscuous, and when she comes around, the men don’t want to have anything to do with her because Curly may get the wrong idea that they were flirting with one another and Curley would want to prove he is man hood by being a tough guy. So because of Curley wife the men’s friendship is forever tested because of Curley’s wife being lonely and longing for friendship.

Lennie’s Misplaced Strength
In the beginning of getting to know Lennie, we learn that Lennie’s intentions are never understood, such as when George and Lennie are on the run from Weed because of Lennie touching a young woman’s soft dress which freaked her out, which made her scream for help, which was the reason for them needing to flea Weed. When they arrived in their new place of work, his strength was again misplaced when petting his newly born puppy in the barn one day, his puppy nipped him and Lennie unintentionally broke the poor puppy’s neck. Then the final time his strength was misplaced was after he accidently broke his puppy’s neck, Curley’s wife came into the barn and began taking to Lennie, where they got on the topic of how he liked soft things and her having soft hair. When she gave him permission to stroke her hair, he began to stroke her hair gently then forcefully which made her cry out for help, as she was yelling her covered her mouth and accidently smothered her to death. When George found out, he had to do the most unthinkable think which was to put Lennie out of his soft loving life and kill Lennie so Curley couldn’t get the pleasure of committing this horrible deed.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Service Learning

For today’s service learning I hope my group can come up with ideas to use the money that we raised last week, by selling ice cream and water ice for the Children’s Hospital. Last week was our very first time, and we sold $100.00 worth of ice cream and water ice.

Next week we are planning to sell water ice and ice cream and this time we will have various flavors of both water ice and ice cream, so our profit can double.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thursday’s service learning meeting was very informative. During the meeting we were assigned jobs as to what we have to do to begin the ice-cream sandwiches and water ice sales. That was the productive part of the meeting, the problem that we had was that no one brought in information about C.H.O.P and no everyone knew about the sale of the water ice and ice cream sandwiches.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Service Learning Meeting 2

For tomorrow's meeting I wish that our group can narrow down which topic we are going to focus on for our group project. If that is the only thing that we accomplish then that would be a GOOD MEETING.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sevice Learning Group

Friday's service learning took place in Mrs. Madi's classroom and the meeting was very productive. As a group we came up with many ideas on what we should focus on for the service learning projects besides just thinking about we can do for CHOP. There were many ideas such as; 1)helping the senior citizens, 2)helping out at the animal shelter, 3)helping at homeless shelters, and many other ideas.

3 positive things that occurred at the meeting

1)Able to come up with many ideas
2)Everyone got along
3)Good environment

Things to work on

1)Talking one at a time

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Elizabeth Van Lew Story

My name is Elizabeth Van Lew and this is my story, of how I successfully spied on the Confederates, became better known as “Crazy Bet” and then later became an honored hero by the Union Troops.

During the time of the Civil War woman were not permitted to participate in the Civil War. Our role as a woman was to take care of the home while our husbands were out fighting in the battle, but I was not satisfied with this, so I decided to take matters in my own hands, with the help of a former slave to my family named Mary Elizabeth Bowser.

The first step to my plan was sending my former slave and accomplice Mary Elizabeth Bowser to a Quaker school to learn to read and write. After her schooling was complete, I arranged for her to be a servant in the home of Jefferson Davis, where she obtained useful information about the Confederacy.

There were many methods on how information was obtained; Mary and I met after dark for her to share with me what she learned whiling working in Mr. Davis home, we would hide messages from Yankee prisoners in baskets of food and medicine.

The townspeople saw me as an eccentric, so to go along with what they though of me, I began to walked the streets talking to myself with my head bent to one side, and wore shabby clothing.

In 1865 I was thanked personally by General Grant himself for my services to the Union, and I was presented with the honor of raising the Union flag above my home.

After the Civil War ended president Grant appointed me postmistress of Richmond, but I then lost the job when Hayes took office, to then be accepted a clerical position at the Post Office Department, to then resign after Cleveland was president.

I then lived the rest of my life in my family mansion alone, and before I died I buried my diary outside of my mansion, of which held all the memoirs of my roll in the Civil War.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Service Learning

For the group service learning project I am working with Jenay, Jahmilla, Chanei, and Shaun with Mrs. Klose as our overseer. The project that we are engaging in will be collecting clothing and toys for needy families, I think it for the Katrina survivers.